Walking with the Dead

This blog contains *SPOILERS*

This is the look that kills me. She looks at Clementine questioningly and completely helpless, but you can also see that Christa blames Clem for Omid’s death. But you know what she does? She takes care of Clem and it’s probably thanks to her that Clem continues to survive. 

Oh hey, more twdg+tumblr text posts with Bigby making a cameo!

Part 1

Some of the best Steam reviews of TWDG (s2).

Some of the best Steam reviews of TWDG (s1).

Why do I feel personally offended when I see “Not Recommended” -review of TWDG on Steam?

At first whenever Clem met new people she used to hide behind Lee.

But guess what happens when Clem meets Christa and Omid?

She steps forward. 

I love how if you choose to stay silent at this part, Clem will still yell: “LISTEN TO ME!” to Jane.

Oh Kenny, you just realized that AJ might be alive, but you still had to get your hat before checking it out.

"Do you see these moves Kenny?"