Walking with the Dead

This blog contains *SPOILERS*

"Do you see these moves Kenny?"

To keep my TWDG screenshots in order, I split every episode into several folders and name those folders, so I can find that specific screenshot I need easier. But, I guess that you can see from some of those folder names’ that this process usually done at around 3 a.m.

This is where Doug dies in s1e3:


These are from s1e4, in the first one Clem goes missing after Lee deals with the walker in the attic and the second is after Crawford:


Where Clem finds the boat:


Lee getting to Marsh House and slaying dem walkers like it’s nobody’s business:


Where Carver kills Reggie:


And this is from s2 finale, I don’t want to say more:


This is the best fight in TWDG so far.

Lee has literally been there for you and your family every time you needed him to be.

"Fun" TWDG fact of the day: If you choose to kill the walker instead of cutting off Sarita’s arm in ep. 3 those birds will take off, but if you cut off Sarita’s arm, they’ll stay still. So, when the birds take off, that’s when Sarita turns and Kenny puts her down.

*Cries* I can’t.

So, this is the aftermath of the finale. Not a very nice to thing to look at.

Note: That blue X doesn’t necessary mean that the character is either dead or alive. It can also mean that the character’s status is “dead or unknown” or “alive or unknown”, or etc. 

Rebecca and Kenny are so done with you Luke.

I just love Clem’s I’ll-Do-It -face.

Yeeah… I did this thing too. Or at least tried.